Spring is finally here, and with it, the time has come once again for sitting outside and enjoying a cold beer with your friends. You might be hanging out at your favorite microbrewery, or you may invite friends over to sit on your deck and enjoy your latest home brew. Whatever the case may be, you likely have your favorite springtime beers, and as a homebrewer, you probably have your favorites that you love to brew once the warmer weather returns each year. At Brew Perfect, our WiFi Digital Hydrometer gives you access to live readings for your new brew’s temperature, alcohol by volume, and much more!

Choosing Your Springtime Brew

You spent the time and money to get your homebrew setup exactly how you want it, and once you’re ready to brew this spring, you want to create a tasty beer that will last throughout the season. Here are a few of the more popular springtime beer styles, and hopefully you’ll find one that suits your tastes.

1. Maibock – This beer is particularly popular in Germany, and even though it’s name means “May bock,” you can still brew it in March or April. A maibock is a higher-gravity lager, but it tends to be a bit more paler and bitter than traditional bocks. A mix of Pils and Vienna malts will give you a great golden color, and the inclusion of Sterling hops and Bavarian-style yeast will create a delicious beer you’ll love drinking all season.

2. Tripel – The Belgians know how to make a tasty beer, and the Tripel, with its bright, fruity effervescence, is a perfect fit for spring. A Belgian ale yeast is a must for this Trappist-style beer, and you can find different kits with different styles of hops and grains. Keep in mind that these Tripels can end with a higher alcohol content, so yours could make a great sipping beer on a spring afternoon.

3. Saison – Another Belgian-style ale that is known for its fruit-forwardness and sometimes spicy finish, a saison can be a great choice for spring. You can brew your own with different varieties of hops, and some homebrewers add spices like coriander or orange zest to change up their brew. The carbonation and acidity of your saison can make it amazingly refreshing, which makes it a great choice for that first really warm day in April.

There are a number of beers that are great for springtime, and if you’re a homebrewer, you may want to try them all! You know what your tastes are, but if you’re brewing to share with friends and family, you might ask them what their favorite spring beers are. As the weather warms up and you spend more time outside, you’ll love pouring a brew from your home-tapped keg.

If you want to know exactly how your spring brew is coming along, then order your Brew Perfect digital hydrometer today. You can also pick up a temperature probe, and be sure to download our app so that you can keep an eye on your beer the entire time it’s fermenting.

We look forward to helping you brew the perfect beer!