Using my Hydrometer:

If your Hydrometer is having trouble with calibration, or your readings seem off, you may need to perform a hard reset of your Bug. All you will need to do is short the Hydrometer by rubbing a screwdriver or any similar metal object (like a paperclip) along the pins on the inside of the external connector (This is where the temperature probe plugs in, labeled J4). If there are any LEDs on you will see them turn off. Approximately two seconds later, the LEDs should begin to light up. While they are flashing, attempt to do the Blinkup process through the app. First, clear the device settings (Remove from WiFi if you're using iOS), and then afterwards proceed to "blink up" your device to your WiFi network. It should proceed to download any new firmware and begin to work properly.
Make sure that your BeerBug is in “high activity mode”. This means that you’ve pressed the on button in the last few seconds, and there are lights flashing on the top. Try to BlinkUp again. If this still isn’t working, double check that your WiFi credentials are correct.
Hydrometer ID numbers have a consistent pattern of 20000c2a690…. With 5 unique digits following. If the ID number printed on your Bug does not begin with these exact 11 digits, perhaps a missing 0, or another inconsistency, try typing in the number with these exact 11 digits, followed by the last 5 in your ID number.
Your Hydrometer ID number can be found on your Hydrometer's page above the graphs. It starts with 20000.
First, make sure that your Hydrometer is in “high activity mode”, meaning that you have pressed the on button in the last few seconds, and lights are flashing green on the top of the Hydrometer. If your Hydrometer is still not calibrating while in high activity mode, a hard reset may help. Please refer to FAQ #1.
Send us a URL link if this continues and we can look at it
This is the easiest on the website using a computer. You can change your name by going to your profile and clicking “edit profile”. You can change your Hydrometer's name by going to your Hydrometer’s page and clicking on its current name. This will take you to a window to change it.
Your Hydrometer must connect to a 2.4Ghz network.
Press “forgot password”. This will redirect you to the appropriate form.


Yes we do! At checkout, select the country that you’d like your new Hydrometer shipped to, and your shipping rate will be adjusted accordingly.


Our glass torpedos come in one size, 1” in diameter. Please make sure that your equipment allows for this width!