Using my Hydrometer:

**A hard reset is for the original BeerBug unit, not the new Brew Perfect hydrometer. If your Hydrometer is having trouble with calibration, or your readings seem off, you may need to perform a hard reset of your BeerBug. All you will need to do is short the Hydrometer by rubbing a screwdriver or any similar metal object (like a paperclip) along the pins on the inside of the external connector (this is where the temperature probe plugs in, labeled J4). If there are any LEDs on you will see them turn off. Approximately two seconds later, the LEDs should begin to light up. While they are flashing, attempt to do the Blinkup process through the app. First, clear the device settings (remove from WiFi if you're using iOS), and then afterwards proceed to "blink up" your device to your WiFi network. It should proceed to download any new firmware and begin to work properly.
Make sure that your Hydrometer is in “high activity mode." This means that you have pressed the ON button in the last few seconds and there are lights flashing on the top. Try to BlinkUp again. If this still isn’t working, double check that your WiFi credentials are correct. The Hydrometer BlinkUp procedure uses a phototransistor inside of the BeerBug to interpret your phones blinking screen to complete syncing both devices. The angle, location and even (occasionally) strong ambient light can cause problems during the blink-up process. It may take a few tries to complete the blink-up process successfully.
Hydrometer ID numbers have a consistent pattern of 20000c2a690…. With 5 unique digits following. If the ID number printed on your Bug does not begin with these exact 11 digits, perhaps a missing 0, or another inconsistency, try typing in the number with these exact 11 digits, followed by the last 5 in your ID number.
Your Hydrometer ID number can be found on your Hydrometer's page above the graphs. It starts with 20000. It can also be found inside your device as part of the MAC ID. Each Hydrometer ID will start with "20000c2a690....." followed by a unique 5 digit/letter sequence to make up the full ID specific to your device, therefore, you will need to add digits to the front of the MAC ID to gain the full ID for your Hydrometer. For example, if your MAC ID starts with a "0" you will just add "2000" to the front of the sequence to complete it.
First, make sure that your Hydrometer is in “high activity mode," meaning that you have pressed the on button in the last few seconds and lights are flashing green on the top of the Hydrometer. If your Hydrometer is still not calibrating while in high activity mode, a hard reset may help. Please refer to FAQ #1.
Send us a URL link if this continues and we can look at it.
This is the easiest on the website using a computer. You can change your name by going to your profile and clicking “edit profile." You can change your Hydrometer's name by going to your Hydrometer’s page and clicking on its current name. This will take you to a window to change it.
Your Hydrometer must connect to a 2.4Ghz network.
Press “forgot password." This will redirect you to the appropriate form.
Yes! Once fermentation is complete, you will want to start cleaning your Hydrometer and preparing it for storage. This is the exact same process that you want to use for sanitization. Remove the snout and clean the Hydrometer's blade, temperature probe, snout, air-lock adapter, and torpedo. This means removing the Hydrometer's snout, air-lock adapter and torpedo and placing them in a solution of water and star-san. Then, using either a Q-tip or paper towel, take your sanitizer solution and carefully clean the bottom area around the blade and the inside of the Hydrometer's snout.
The blow-off hose adapter requires 1/2″ hosing.
This is a difficult question to tackle since there can be so many reasons why your Hydrometer could be reporting inaccurate data results, but here are a few things to look for before contacting their support team. IS THE TORPEDO SETUP PROPERLY? The torpedo should be completely submerged but not touching the bottom of your fermenting vessel. The line should be completely free of any excess tension or obstacles. The Hydrometer calculates gravity and alcohol based on the buoyancy readings it receives from the torpedo; a heavy film of krausen or a poorly deployed torpedo can and will effect the tension on the torpedo’s line. DID YOU TRY RE-CALIBRATING YOUR HYDROMETER? If you initially calibrated your Hydrometer in a solution of water and are having difficulty getting accurate readings, consider re-calibrating (taring) your Hydrometer in your beer. We recommend waiting about an hour after you’ve added your Hydrometer to your beer before taking an instant data point and using that gravity reading to re-calibrate your Hydrometer. DID YOU CLEAN THE HYDROMETER'S SNOUT AND BLADE PROPERLY? If the first batch was a success, but you are having problems getting an accurate reading with consequent batches, you may simply need to dis-assemble your Hydrometer and make sure it’s cleaned thoroughly. Any excess krausen or residue on the Hydrometer's blade will effect the tension on the blade, and thus your gravity and alcohol readings. Note: It’s not abnormal for your Hydrometer to record an initial rise in gravity when you first deploy it.
If you are using the upgraded Brew Perfect Hydrometer and cannot BlinkUp, try hitting "Clear WiFi" inside the app and then try to BlinkUp again. It may take a few tries. Always make sure you are using the most updated version of our app.
Again, you are able to use it while it is plugged in, but if you are having issues with the unit holding a charge, please email us and let us know.
There is a way to reconnect the line to the inside of your BeerBug. You can unscrew the bottom part of the unit by turning the black knob in the center. Then you can reattach the line through the cutout on the piece of metal inside, and then fish the line back through the tube on the top part, and screw back in.
Unlike the original BeerBug unit, the Brew Perfect Hydrometer does not have an indicator light to signal a full charge. It should be fully charged, however, after 2 hours and should then last up to 2 weeks on that charge.
This could be the result of a few things. Firstly, make sure you are close to your router. Sometimes if you are using a freezer or working in a basement, a Wifi extender is necessary. Secondly, make sure you are on a 2.4 ghz network. Thirdly, sometimes when the SSID has an underscore in the title, our server has trouble reading it. We are working on this issue further but if you can change your SSID to exclude an underscore, that has proven to be helpful. It may take a few tries to blink-up. Please make sure your unit is directly next to your phone when going through the process. Please email our support team if your issue persists.
No. The temperature probe is a separate unit and must be purchased separately.
Yes. Our hydrometer is designed for the pressure to be released via the blow-off tube in high activity brews. It is not designed for pressurized brewing or for using an airlock with too much krausen, which is why we have built it with an airlock.
First, make sure you are using a blow-off tube. If you are still experiencing issues, please make sure you are using our most updated o-rings to seal the hydrometer. Also, if the hydrometer is over tightened, it can sometimes keep the bubbles out. If leaking persists, please email our support team.
Please make sure to put your hydrometer into high activity mode before adjusting the sampling rate.
Your hydrometer should go to sleep after a few minutes.


Yes we do! At checkout, select the country that you’d like your new Hydrometer shipped to, and your shipping rate will be adjusted accordingly.


Our glass torpedos come in one size, 1” in diameter. Please make sure that your equipment allows for this width!