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  • Real Time Data
  • Specific Gravity
  • Temperature
  • Alcohol By Volume
  • Web, Android, & iOS
  • Real Time Notifications
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Learning & Sharing

Brewing is as much about learning and sharing as it is about drinking your delicious creations. With more infomation than ever before, share and learn from your fellow brewers in the community.

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The BeerBug works with any vessel to which you can add a traditional airlock. CO2 and krausen are rerouted through an airlock or blow-off adapter. Never open your brew during fermentation again.

Wifi Connections

The BeerBug connects wirelessly to the cloud. Connect the BeerBug to WiFi just like your phone or tablet. As your brew ferments, periodically your BeerBug will send your data over WiFi. This allows you to view your data, in real time, any time, anywhere.


  •  Density
  •  Temperature
  •  Real Time Graphs
  •  Mobile

Real Time Measurements

Density Specific Gravity (Plato Coming soon)

Temperature Celsius or Fahrenheit

Alcohol By Volume

All data graphed in real time

Communication and Network

WiFi 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz

Wireless Security Protocols WEP, WPA, & WPA2

Battery & Charging

Wireless 25+ days of battery life

Micro USB port Charging cable included