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Stop guessing, now you can always know.

With the Brew Perfect WiFi Digital Hydrometer, you have access to live readings for your brew’s specific
gravity, temperature, and alcohol by volume at any time, from anywhere. Long gone are your days of manual
readings and possible contamination! With an easy WiFi connection, our hydrometer sends your brew’s
readings every 20 minutes to your brewer’s dashboard for you to view at any time on our website and mobile
app (iOS & Android).

“Really, anywhere?” you say. Your brew readings are sent over WiFi, so you can be ANYWHERE in the world and
stay connected with your brew. Whether you’re on vacation across the country or sitting on your couch just
across the room, you are able to monitor your brew’s real-time graphs. Never be apart from your brew again.

Welcome to your new brewing experience.

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Brewer’s Dash

Your brewer’s dash is available with the website or iOS & Android mobile applications.

1. Create Your Profile
Set up your brewer profile to begin and “blinkup” your
digital hydrometer to connect with our servers. Create a
brewer’s log with easy access to your current and past
brews from your profile.

2. Get Brewing
Once connected, get your hydrometer setup in your
brewing vessel and log in a few details about your batch
and start tracking. Don’t forget to create an awesome
name… people will be watching your brew with you!

3. Watch Your Live Brew Graphs
Easily monitor your brew’s fermentation with graphs of
your real-time brewing data! Specific gravity,
temperature, and alcohol by volume measured data
updated every 20 minutes.

4. Connect with Other Brewers
Follow brewers’ graphs from around the world through
the community page. See what types of beer are
brewed in other countries, check on their progress,
make brew groups, and learn together!

Product Details

What do brewers have to say

It wasn’t until having my [Brew Perfect Hydrometer] that I truly began understanding attenuation, temperature effects, and how this all played into the final product. Working out of the country on a two-week rotation, I felt confident in leaving my beer and knowing that at any time I could check the real-time metrics. No more worrying if the chiller flipped the breaker or a cold snap slowed fermentation.”

– Jake, LA, USA

As a developer and beer brewing enthusiast, my heart skipped a beat discovering this device!”

– George, Netherlands

“There are other digital products… but they use Bluetooth technology so you must be within a certain range of the hydrometer to get any readings. Since [it] syncs with my home wifi, I can pull up my data on any computer, smartphone or tablet from anywhere, which has proven be a life saver. I was out of town for 2 weeks… and because I am able to see real-time data I noticed the rising temp and that there was a problem with my fermenter. I called one of my brewing buddies, and he was able to go to the house and reset my fermenter, and my beer turned out great.”

– Gary, FL, USA


The Brew Perfect WiFi Digital Hydrometer works with any vessel that fits a traditional
airlock. The hydrometer fits by a rubber grommet into a standard airlock hole. CO² and
krausen are rerouted through an airlock or blow-off adapter. If desired, your airlock can
be connected to the hydrometer’s blow-off. Leave the hydrometer in place for the
duration of your fermentation and never again risk contaminating your brew.

WiFi Connection
Our digital hydrometer connects wirelessly to the cloud. Connect your new Brew Perfect
Digital Hydrometer to WiFi just like your phone or tablet. Before your first
brew, you will “blink up” your hydrometer with your smartphone to connect your device’s
unique ID with our server system. As your brew ferments, periodically your hydrometer
will send your data over WiFi, allowing you to view your live data, any time, anywhere.

Real-Time Measurements
Density – Specific Gravity to the 0.001
Temperature – Celcius or Fahrenheit, to the 1.0 degree.
Purchase temperature probe for readings to the 0.01 degree
Alcohol By Volume – to the 0.01%
Data graphs are updated with new data points every 20 minutes.

Communication & Network
WiFi – 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz
Wireless Security Protocols – WEP, WPA, & WPA2

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