Brew Perfect™ Temperature Probe

$39.99 plus shipping

Are you a brewing nerd? Do check your temperature readings three times a day?

Pair the temperature probe with your digital hydrometer for an exact reading at all times! Our probe takes reading, to the 0.1 of a degree, from the center of your brewing vessel ensuring you get the most exact data for ultimate control of your brew.

Currently in production – Available soon!

Brew Perfect™ WiFi Digital Hydrometer

$169.99 plus shipping

All preorders will receive a set of 4 Brew Perfect Beer Quote pint glasses! Buy Today – first 100 purchasers are entered into win their new Digital Hydrometer FREE.

Revolutionizing your brewing experience; our hydrometer allows you to keep an eye on your brew at all times, from anywhere.

Bored in a Monday meeting? Check your brew’s fermentation progress with the Brew Perfect website or mobile applications (iOS & Android). Thanks to our automatically transmitted and graphed specific gravity, temperature, & ABV readings, monitoring your brew takes no effort at all. Become your own brew master today!

Available now for presale, shipment in early December.


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