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Making beer or wine at home is a hobby that many people genuinely enjoy. A study by the American Homebrewers Association (AHA) shows that 1.1 million Americans homebrew their beer. Is your friend or loved one amongst them? Have no fear — there are plenty of affordable options that even someone with no experience can arrive at, and choose an incredible item.

With the holidays right around the corner, finding Christmas gifts for homebrewers can be a difficult task if you are not as familiar with the craft. The tools most useful to homebrewers may also be the most complicated. How do you go about choosing a gift that the homebrewer is sure to love? We have you covered, and bring you the top 10 ideas for homebrewing holiday gifts.

1. Beer Making Kit

Do you know someone who is thinking about making their own beer or wine at home? A beer making kit might be just what they need to get started, and it saves you from searching for more specific gift ideas for beer brewing equipment. Beer making kits are good choices for those who do not want to invest a ton of money into expert equipment, yet want to begin exploring the homebrewing universe.

These kits require minimal extra tools and materials further than what comes in the package. They often come with DVDs that highlight everything the new homebrewer needs to know to craft a great beer. From sanitizing through fermenting and bottling, these kits have your back.

Some kits make a one-gallon batch while others can make up to five gallons. These larger kits might be better for someone who you know is going to hit the ground running with their new hobby.

This gift might even benefit you as well. If you take this route, maybe you’ll receive some delicious homemade beer or wine from the new homebrewer in the future.

2. Digital Hydrometer

Are you sick of seeing your loved one put up with the hassle of calculating specific gravity manually using glass tubes? Perhaps the most useful item in the homebrewers arsenal is a digital hydrometer. A hydrometer is a necessary tool to measure the degree to which yeast is converting sugar to ethanol. The tool helps homebrewers gauge the health and successfulness of their beer or wine fermentation.

Fermentation is the most delicate stage of the homebrewing process. A lot of time and effort goes into getting the levels just right, and the procedure leaves a lot of room for error.

Manual readings can be time intensive and risk possible contamination. It is easy to slack on taking frequent readings, and often it is too late to make adjustments if you do not catch an imperfection at the right time. Manual readings are just not a feasible way of making sure all elements of your made-at-home beverages stay at the highest standard.

BrewPerfect’s WiFi Enabled Digital Hydrometer is amongst the most advanced hydrometers in the market. The ability to access brew readings anywhere allows your homebrewer to evaluate their brew’s specific gravity, temperature, and alcohol by volume (ABV) through real-time graphs that update every 20 minutes.

brewperfect digital hydrometer

Directly connect the digital hydrometer to BrewPerfect’s free mobile app on iOS or Android, and they will be good to go. Those who prefer browsing through a computer or laptop or are without a stable mobile connection can view their brewer’s dashboard at any time via the website.

We offer a cheap monthly subscription at only $3.99 a month, or a lifetime value at an affordable price. Manual specific gravity readings are tedious, not very precise and waste precious beer. Solve this common issue and get a digital hydrometer today.

3. Temperature Probe

If your friend or loved one is tech-savvy and ahead of the curve, they may already possess digital hydrometer. But, what about a high-quality temperature probe?

The most successful homebrewers are vigilant in maintaining optimal temperature control. With innovations in the industry, even brewing beginners can achieve the best results with minimal effort. Different yeasts require different temperature ranges. The temperature directly correlates to the alcohol content, sugar and pH levels.

Not maintaining the appropriate range can result in an off-putting flavor. Using a premium temperature probe eliminates the guesswork out of adjusting the fermenter so homebrewers can be like the pros and achieve the best tasting final result.

BrewPerfect’s temperature probe can take accurate readings to 0.1 of a degree. All your homebrewer must do is place the probe in the middle of their brewing vessel to get the most precise readings from their brew.

temperature probe

4. Mash Paddle

If whoever you have in mind predominately brews with grain, a mash paddle is sure to be a well-received gift. Having an effective way to stir their mash is a must to get the most enjoyment from the process. Large spoons and whisks can do the job, but why not give them the gift of stirring mash the way it was meant to be?

We recommend maple paddles because they will last a lifetime and look the most appealing. While it is a very functional gift, a mash paddle also makes a great decoration for any homebrewing area.

5. Whiskey Barrel

Barrel-aged beers and wine allow beverages to achieve a broader range of flavors. Getting great results with whiskey barrels takes a lot of patience, and often more than one barrel to maintain the spirit character. Possessing just one barrel has its advantages in still slightly changing the flavor after the first few uses. Start your homebrewer’s barrel collection with this excellent beer brewing Christmas gift.

Standard 53-gallon spirits barrels or 63-gallon wine barrels used in commercial brewing are not feasible for homebrewing. However, due to the whiskey barrels rising in popularity in wine and beer making, eight- to 15-gallon barrels are available for consumers to use in their homebrewing operations. Due to their recent rise in popularity amongst homebrewers, this may be the best craft beer brewing holiday gift you can get your hands on.

6. Wort Chiller

Wort is the liquid that comes from the mashing process while brewing beer. The wort contains sugars such as maltose and maltotriose that is used for fermentation of yeast to produce alcohol.

A wort chiller is a device that brings boiling wort down to the correct yeast pitching temperature. These modern devices are much faster in comparison to more traditional methods such as ice baths. It is essential to bring the temperature of a brew down to the correct degree after boiling.

This tool is arguably the most economical and time-saving device a homebrewer can receive and that any enthusiast can appreciate. The method also makes it nearly impossible to produce infection and yields a more transparent, visually appealing beer. There are several different kinds of wort chillers, and each comes with advantages and disadvantages:

  • Immersion chiller: As the name suggests, this chiller submerges in the boiling wort, which kills any bacteria instantly, so there’s no need for sanitization. A water rinse after use is sufficient to keep the tool clean. We recommend this type of wort chiller for newer brewers. They will face a bit longer of cooling time, but this is a small disadvantage in comparison to the ease of use.
  • Counterflow wort chiller: In this version of the wort chiller, the wort flows from the kettle through one tube, while cold water flows in the opposite direction. Counterflow chillers reduce cooling time and use less water than the immersion chiller, but they require more equipment including a kettle, ball valve and lines for the liquids to flow through. If you purchase this type, be sure that the gift recipient has these tools or include them in your gift.
  • Plate chiller: This type is the fastest device to achieve the desired temperature. The plate chiller is exceptionally efficient in separating proteins and other unwanted materials. This version is usually the most expensive and requires specialized tools such as different connections and a high-pressure pump. If your friend or loved one is an advanced homebrewer, this might be worth the investment but is probably not the best option for the novice.

Choosing the right wort chiller for whoever you have in mind comes down to personal preference. Consider the individual’s experience, available space, and budget if you want to go this route when purchasing gifts for homebrewers.

7. Digital Scale

Carefully calibrating all facets of alcohol concoctions is vital in perfecting a recipe. But sometimes, weighing out all those ingredients isn’t the most straightforward task without the right equipment.

A digital scale could be a simple solution to an everyday hassle. Highly precise digital scales take the guess-work out of adding in nutrients, grains, hops and other ingredients.

Features to look for in a scale include built-in auto shut-off, retractable displays and special features that brewers would use.

8. Books and Journals

Journals and logbooks can help homebrewers record brewing activities through every step of the process. There is nothing more frustrating than making a perfect batch and forgetting the elements that went into the creation that made it great. A journal allows them to have all the details of each production compiled into one place so they can do it again effortlessly.

There are also numerous books full of tips and tricks. Even an expert homebrewer always has some new method or tweak in a recipe that can help improve their strategies. Depending on the individual, a more philosophical book could benefit someone who is discouraged or wants insight on how to enjoy the lengthy process more. Some reading might be just what they need to keep their passion at an optimal level.

9. Beer Memorabilia

The safest route that any alcohol enthusiast can appreciate is some high-quality beer memorabilia.

beer memorabilia

Instead of getting an overpriced generic beer brand t-shirt, why not purchase some clothing with character? BrewPerfect’s t-shirts are made from pre-shrunk cotton and provide a comfortable fit for both men and women. They include eye-catching graphics such and fun captions such as, “LIFE is TOO short to drink BAD BEER,” “MAKE BEER NOT WAR,” and “BEER is made from HOPS…and hops are plants. Therefore, Beer is a SALAD.

Souvenir glasses are also never a bad idea for a collector who likes sampling beer. BrewPerfect’s collection of pint glasses print cheeky quotes that both homebrewers and beer enthusiasts will enjoy.

10. Brewer’s Gift Box

If you’ve read this list and nothing seems to resonate with your loved one’s interests, or they already these essentials, consider getting a brewer’s gift box filled with accessories and knick-knacks that anyone can benefit from and enjoy.

Homebrewers and beer enthusiasts alike will appreciate the contents of our gift box. BrewPerfect’s box comes with four beer quote pint glasses, a beer t-shirt of your choice and two navy blue koozies. This gift is sure to please and is one of the top holiday gifts for beer brewers.

Bonus: AHA Membership

For the advanced homebrewer who already has it all, tools and memorabilia might not be the best gift.

The AHA is one of the largest forces taking the craft of brewing to consumers and increasing the popularity of the hobby. This organization is worth supporting and membership brings many benefits that a hobbyist will be sure to use including early access to brewing event tickets, discounts at pubs and bars across the country and an invitation to the annual National Homebrewers Conference.

Also, they will receive exclusive magazines and other literature accessible through print and online sources. They can download different apps that provide more information about homebrewing as well as locators for nearby brewing supplies. Beer enthusiasts will love the convenience and discounts they get purchasing supplies and attending their favorite breweries.

To see a full list of what an AHA membership has to offer, be sure to check out their website.

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There is a vast array of great gift ideas for wine and beer makers, so choosing the perfect gift should not be difficult if you take the time to familiarize yourself with what a homebrewer needs most. Brew Perfect can help you select the best gift for beer brewers and also offers some of the top gifts for winemakers. Browse our website and see everything we have to offer. We are an excellent resource for beer-themed Christmas gifts and hope you can find exactly what you are looking for with little hassle. Help those you care about to better their brewing experience with a top-notch gift they are sure to love.