The Homebrew Mashup: Kegging versus Bottling


We found a great article from Craft Beer and Brewing Magazine regarding some specifics details on Kegging. You can read the article here

Below we will look at bottling versus kegging and the advantages and disadvantages you may come across as you choose one route or the other.



Perhaps you are thinking about changing things up and switching from bottling to kegging. The great thing is that both result in BEER. We’ll look at some different elements to both bottling and kegging and see how they fare.

Some key components to the kegging process are as follows:

Kegs: homebrewers tend to use five-gallon Cornelius stainless steel kegs, which come with either a ball-lock or pin-lock fitting.

Connectors: Kegs have two connectors. One is for pushing CO2 and the other is for dispensing beer.

CO2 Tank: Homebrewers tend to use five-pound tanks because they are easier to transport, but if that isn’t an issue and you are planning on dispensing a lot of beer, you can attain a 20-gallon tank for only a few dollars more.

Regulator: A regulator is needed to provide safe levels of CO2, as a full CO2 tank holds a pressure of 800 PSI, which is way more than necessary for carbonating and serving beer.

Faucet/Tap: A tap is needed to control the flow of the beer when serving it.

Tubing: Food—grade tubing is needed to connect the CO2 and tap to the quick-disconnects.

O-Rings: These are rubber circles used to seal areas like the hatch of a keg. If you have purchased used kegs, it’s a good idea to replace the O-rings.

Refrigerator: You will need a refrigerator to store your keg.

It’s rare that you move a keg once it’s in the refrigerator so not only does this mean that you don’t have to keep moving it around, but because it stays sedentary, it lowers the chances of disturbing the yeast sediment after it has settled.

A bit of a downfall on the kegging side of things is that if you want to enter a homebrewing competition, the way to go is bottling.  It is possible, however, to bottle from a keg using a counter-pressure filler.

Some people opt for kegging because bottling can be time consuming so that really comes down to a personal choice and how much time you have and want to spend. We’ve seen the process take from 60 minutes (super speed) to five or six hours.

Kegging takes the lead when it comes to carbonation as it lets you precisely adjust carbonation to a level that’s just not possible with bottles. Also, if you do happen to over-carbonate a batch, kegs can handle many times the pressure of bottles.

Portability can obviously be pretty easy with bottles if you are looking to take your masterpieces with you. However, if you have a counter-pressure filler for the keg, it evens itself out.

And lastly, some people just enjoy popping a top off of a bottle rather than flipping a tap switch but all-in-all, both are great ways to get some great homebrewed beer!






Welcome To The Brew Perfect Blog

Welcome to Brew Perfect! We’re happy you’ve found your way to our blog section. It is here that you will find all information regarding homebrewing, microbrew equipment, and beer recipes that you can try for yourself. We’re passionate about homebrewing, as we believe it’s a creative and enjoyable hobby for many. Here at Brew Perfect, our mission is to provide homebrewers with the quality tools and equipment that are necessary to easily track and control batches, in order to homebrew beer exactly as it should be. That is why we are proud to sell our one-of-a-kind digital hydrometer and temperature probe. The products that we offer homebrewers are designed to be user-friendly and highly effective, helping to produce the quality of beer that you want.

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Homebrewing Hydrometers

Brew Perfect’s digital hydrometer was created and designed to revolutionize your homebrewing experience. But before we get into that, we should clarify; if you’re new to the homebrewing craft, you may be wondering what a hydrometer is and how it pertains to making beer.

To put it simply, hydrometers are homebrewing devices that look like big thermometers. This piece of brewing equipment measures the alcohol content of the beer or cider that’s brewing, and also gives you an idea of how the fermentation process is doing. They are glass tubes that have a weight at the bottom. To use them during the brewing process, you’ll float the device in the wort. By watching how the hydrometer floats, high or low, you’ll be able to tell how much sugar is in the liquid, and after measuring, you’ll be able to calculate how much sugar the yeast consumed as well as how much was converted into alcohol — the alcohol content.

Hydrometers are essential pieces of equipment, so it’s recommended that when beginning your homebrewing journey, you incorporate one as you purchase and assemble the tools you’ll need.

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How To Host A Homebrew Halloween Party

Whether you have a big Halloween plans, like a costume party, or you’re planning on staying at home to pass out candy to the neighborhood kiddos, these homebrewing-inspired tips and decorations are sure to make this year’s Halloween the best you’ve had in years.

Today we want to supplement the past blog post by providing you with all you need to know about planning and hosting a homebrew Halloween party! From a scrumptious pumpkin homebrew beer recipe to having a homebrew contest amongst guests to organizing party games, your party activities are endless! So continue reading along to learn how to host the best Halloween party ever.

Pumpkin Everything!

We mentioned this in this past blog post, but it’s such a good idea that we’re going to mention it again. Turn a big pumpkin into a keg! When you go to the pumpkin patch, find an extra large pumpkin for this purpose. At home, empty out its contents, hollow it out, and fill it with a tasty fall-inspired homebrew. Stick a beer tap into it to easily serve your beer. You can decorate the pumpkin by drawing on a face or jack-o-lantern, or you can keep it simple without. Not only does a pumpkin keg provide for an exciting and adorable way to serve a beer you’ve brewed at home, but it also is the best Halloween decoration for a party!

Bobbing For…A Beer!

This is just like bobbing for apples, but instead of trying to catch hold of an apple, participants will dunk their heads to get a bottle of beer. For this game, you can bottle your own homebrew, or you can incorporate store-bought commercial beer cans/bottles as well.

Have A Homebrew Contest

If you’re friends are also homebrewers, you can turn the Halloween party into a contest. Ask your guests to bring a pumpkin-inspired homebrew to share. Other party guests can taste and vote for whichever brew they thought was the most pumpkin-esque. By incorporating a theme into the contest, it can stay lighthearted and everyone can have fun. Not only that, but everyone will have lots of beer to taste and enjoy!

Non-Alcoholic Activities To Include

Even though you’re hosting a homebrew Halloween party, it’s OK to mix in non-alcoholic activities too. Some ideas for activities are the following:

  • Have a Halloween costume contest. Tell your guests to dress up in their best costume. You can even set boundaries by establishing a theme. At the party, every can vote for who has the best costume according to the theme! If you wanted to incorporate the overarching “homebrew” party theme, the winner can take home some of the host’s homebrew!
  • Carve pumpkins. What’s Halloween without pumpkin carving? If you wanted to incorporate this fun activity into your party, you can ask guests to bring a pumpkin of their own, or you can provide them with one. Everyone can have the opportunity to carve or decorate their pumpkin. You can even make it into a contest!
  • Make it into a dinner party. You could take your Halloween party to the next level by hosting dinner! Come up with a fun theme for the dinner, and make food or ask your guests to bring a dish to share that fits into the theme. Everyone can enjoy a good meal while still celebrating Halloween. Plus, you can offer your homebrew to as a beverage for whomever to drink!

We hope these party ideas inspired you to plan a homebrew party of your own! If you’ve decided to serve your very own pumpkin beer, be sure you have the right homebrewing equipment in place for when your brew. You can find more homebrewing recipes and information at Brew Perfect. Shop our equipment today.

Five Fun Homebrew Activities For Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner, and we can’t lie — we’re excited. No matter how old you are, there is something so thrilling about the Halloween spirit. Everyone dressing up, eating delicious candy and treats, and having a good time — what could be better?


But today we’re going to give you some tips, ideas, and inspiration for combining both beer and Halloween, offering you the best Halloween you’ve had in years.

If you’re a homebrewer and a Halloween lover, you’re going to love today’s blog post. We’re talking about all things homebrew halloween! The American Homebrewers Association has a featured story about homebrew ideas for Halloween, and today we’re going to share with you these ideas of incorporating the Halloween experience with your homebrewing hobby. Whether you’re going to a Halloween party with friends and want to bring a fun treat to share, this is the way to go. Even if you’re at home passing out candy to the little kiddos on your street, you can still have some fun yourself with these activities and tricks.

So pick out your costume, prepare your homebrewing systems and equipment, and read along for fun ways to involve Halloween into your homebrewing experience.

Pumpkin Kegs

Yes, you read that right. While it seems like a no-brainer now that you’re thinking about it, making a pumpkin keg is such a simple, yet spirited way to celebrate Halloween. After you’ve emptied the inside of the pumpkin, fill it with your favorite pumpkin homebrew. Mount a tap to the front of the pumpkin, and voila, you have a spooky homebrew. And we have the perfect recipe for you here. You can even find tap kits that are made for pumpkin kegs!

Pumpkin Fermentation

While this may seem surprising, you can even use a hollowed out pumpkin as a carboy for the fermentation process! Rack your beer inside of a large pumpkin. To get an airtight seal, you can use wax, and you can poke a hole in the top to imitate an airlock. This is not only easy, but it’s such a fun and simple way of switching up your homebrewing process to celebrate the holiday!

Candy Priming

Add the Halloween spirit to your actual homebrew by adding in some chocolate or candy to the recipe. Substitute priming sugar or corn syrup for the contents of Pixie Stix! It works just as well because Pixie Stix sugar is made from dextrose and citric acid, and dextrose is what is used in priming sugar for bottle conditioning. What a fun and simple way of celebrating the Halloween spirit through your homebrewing hobby!

Dress Up Your Carboys

If you homebrew on the regular, chances are you have a few carboys around your home. If you’re really in the Halloween spirit, you can dress the carboys up and use them decorations! Cut out some holes in a small sheet or pillow case and place it over the container to dress it up as a ghost. You can even get created and turn them into animals, zombies, or anything else you dream up. Plus, this is a great way to keep them out of the sun as your homebrew ferments!

Be Prepared For Halloween Homebrewing With Brew Perfect’s Digital Hydrometer

We hope these crafty ideas inspired you to get into the Halloween spirit yourself! Whether you have a big costume party to attend, or you’re staying in for the night to pass out candy, you can still have a blast with these fun tips. Before you get starting on your pumpkin homebrew, be sure to assemble your homebrewing systems and be prepared with the proper homebrewing equipment. Brew Perfect’s digital hydrometer is designed to assist homebrewers efficiently and effectively. Learn more online and place an order for yours today.

Have a spooky homebrew Halloween!

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